Blenheim TOP 10 Holiday Park
Blenheim Top 10 Holiday Park

Blenheim TOP 10 Holiday Park

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Travelling to Blenheim
Blenheim is in the South Island of New Zealand just over 4 hours north of Christchurch, and approximately 25 minutes from Picton, where the Inter Islander Ferry arrives from Wellington.

Getting Here
Blenheim is easily accessible by car, and is an amazing place to start your self-driven tour of the South Island. Bus services cover most routes from most centers, and Blenheim Airport, just 5 km from the city centre, offers regional flights daily. If you’re coming by car from the North Island, you’ll arrive in Picton on the Inter Islander Ferry from Wellington. From Picton, Blenheim is just a 25 minute drive. Contact any local information center for more information.

Facilities Close by
  • Convenience store located opposite park
  • Three restaurants within 100m from the park
  • Patrol station, KFC, Subway just 5 minutes down the road.
  • Twenty minute walk to centre of the town
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Blenheim Top 10 Holiday Park
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